Sellers’ Property Problems Series – Article Five – How Do I Know What is a Fair Price For My Home?

That is a decent question, especially right now! The answer is likewise progressively troublesome. It used to be ‘a reasonable cost is the thing that the purchaser can/will offer and what the dealer will acknowledge’. In the present market, this has really changed to ‘the cost of a property is the thing that the purchaser can stand to offer and what they want to escape with and how frantic the dealer is to offer’! For instance, having broke down a few properties as of late a ‘reasonable cost’ by information would be around £135,000. However because of the absence of purchasers and gigantic supply of comparative properties accessible available to be purchased, when you converse with operators and take a gander at what is offering, the property wouldn’t offer for more than £110,000. That is the truth of the present market circumstance. FPO version-2

The one myth to confront at first in any case, is there isn’t one cost for your home, the esteem will be at least x and most extreme of y. The contrast between the two, could be as much as 15%, contingent upon who’s in the market for purchasing and what number of properties that you are contending with, and the amount they are available to be purchased for.

To value your property reasonably you ought to:-

1. Check which operators have sold comparative properties for as of late and at what value, discover three specialists like this to esteem your property.

2. Approach the specialists at three costs: the showcasing value, a cost to acknowledge and a cost to offer inside two weeks.

3. As a dealer you have to choose before you offer, what is the base value you’ll acknowledge, then pose the question, is there a comparable property that has sold for this much adjacent?

On the off chance that you aren’t set up to value your property reasonably in this market and have a view that you ‘won’t offer it for not exactly’, unless this sum is 10-20% underneath its actual market valuation, then it presumably does not merit putting your home available to be purchased by any stretch of the imagination.

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