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Today these sorts of nails are regularly alluded to as ‘clavos nails’. Did you realize that Clavos is Spanish for Nail? So…a clavos nail is really a “Nail”. It is a widely inclusive term that incorporates a background marked by nail making that goes back a great many years. Structures and homes today utilize clavos nails to recover the look and feel of structures constructed long back and in some cases to make another look by and large. uñas decoradas download-1

The historical backdrop of the nail is a long experience. Eventually in time man found that when iron was warmed it could be produced into various shapes and when cooled relying on that shape it could be extremely helpful. Nails were most likely among the principal devices to discover reason. From that point on nails were a request thing.

The main nails were independently fashioned. They were beaten into shape, decreased on each of the four sides, and afterward struck against a form frame at the leader of the nail.

To utilize the nail, it was warmed by the metal forger, and afterward determined through the wooden entryway or rail. The jutting spike end of the nail was then immediately pounded over while it was still hot. This” gripping” of the nail made a robotizing fixing of the nail, as the metal tightened amid the cooling procedure. The hot nail would frequently really singe or smolder a delicate wood, so when taking a gander at antique entryways with hold nails, a beyond any doubt indication of validness is a slight blazing of the wood around the pounded over spike.

At some point in the 1600-1700’s the cut nail showed up. In the wake of pounding the hot iron into sheets the sheets were cut into long bits of the required thickness for the nails. Cut nails were then sheared from steel. Another machine produced the head and tip of the nail. These cut nails were two sided speaking to the steel thickness they were sheared from. This procedure extraordinarily enhanced the time and work required in making the nails.

While considering Clavos Nails, there are numerous equipment makers offering Clavos in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Their application can be absolutely enhancing, as they are regularly basically screwed into the wood to make a “look”. They are especially lovely on substantial passageway entryways, helping us to remember the first “Hold” nails that would have held the entryway together. Different utilizations incorporate wine basement entryways, carport entryways, carriage house entryways and door entryways.

Clavos nails can likewise be utilized with beautiful strap pivots as a part of Old World outlines. Clavos nails are made in English, French, and American outlines, similar to the strap pivots, it is anything but difficult to make an impeccable presentation of both strap pivots with clavos nails. At the point when utilized rather than a standard screw the look of the pivot is incredibly improved.

Nail fabricating has made considerable progress since those early days anyway we have not lost our adoration for the look. Today clavos nails come in all shapes and sizes and their beautifying uses are practically perpetual.

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