Chevrolet Sonic Review and Road Test

Presently there used to be a good principle when looking at a GM car: the big ones were good, the medium ones were OK and the compact and sub compacts were awful. In 2011 the Cruze changed our perception of what a tiny GM car could be. Now news the Chevy sonic comes along to test others in the bass speaker compact segment including the Machine Versa and the Honda Fit. The Chevrolet Chevy sonic is one of the most expensive in it is class, this is a total change from the old Aveo model it replaced that started under $10, 000. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson said it well; “the only reason someone would buy an Aveo is that they haven’t driven anything else”. Well put Jeremy. The Aveo was quiet possibly one of the most detrimental cars sold in the North American market in the last decade. Today its replacement the Chevy sonic is looking to get the attention of potential buyers that would normally be in a Nissan or Honda showroom. Funny enough it looks like they might have pulled it off. On the exterior the Sonic looks great with very modern nice looking overall styling and a special exposed headlight look. After closer inspection you see that the panel breaks are incredibly tight and there are no clear quality issues. 2017 chevrolet sonic

On the inside the good thing continues. The sprinkle plastics seem to be to be of a good quality and they all seem to be to fit well. The chairs possess a fabric on them and have good part support. The front seating also feature height realignment. Being placed in the driver couch the essential thing you observe is the motorbike style gauge cluster. That has a substantial tachometer with a smaller digital read out for vehicle acceleration and other information. In this basis alone the Sonic earns its do it yourself some sporting credentials. A welcome feature is the standard tilt and telescope steering wheel. The centre stack that houses the stereo and heating and ventilation controls has a clean modern look to it, and the settings are well outlined and easy to use. A welcome standard feature is Bluetooth. As a signal of the days base Sonics do not come with a CD player but do include an ipod device line in. In front side of the passenger you will find the Sonic’s dual glove box established up. Up top in the right side if the dash you have the smaller of both that also houses the USB media port if equipped. There is a special groove in the door so you may catch your cable if you wish to store your ipod touch away from compartment. The lower second glove box is the same as any other car. Overall the inside of sonic chevy matches or exceeds the caliber of its Japanese and Korean language competition.1

As with most small cars the room in the trunk seating is limited, but satisfactory for most adults. The hatchback version of the Sonic has a good sized cargo area with the option to collapse down the rear car seats. With all the seats folded down the cargo capacity is somewhat disappointing. The rear end seats do not collapse flat and there is no option to change them forward for extra room similar to the old Aveo. The car version has a remarkably large truck with the alternative to fold the back again seats down if you need more cargo room.

On the road the Sonic has an organization but not unpleasant drive. Handling is competent but does exhibit some body roll when cornering hard. Under hard acceleration the 1 ) 8L 138 horse power 4 cyndrical tube engine feels slightly blocked and gets quite deafening. It is a little disappointing that the only way to find the more powerful 1. 4L turbo engine is to go to a highly regarded level LTZ model with a standard transmission. While the 1 ) 4L turbocharged engine provides the same equine power rating as the 1. 8L, they have more torque (125 lb-ft as opposed to 148 lb-ft). General the drive of chevy sonic chevy is more pleasurable than most sub small cars but not excessively exciting. A Volkswagen World of golf GTI it is not.

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