CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) Application Process

What is CBAP?

CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is an assignment given by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to perceive experienced Business Analysts. Keeping in mind the end goal to affirm, BAs need to meet certain essentials, present a definite application, and plan for the accreditation test in light of Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK, variant 2.0) and breeze through the CBAP test.  saps ibubapa header-logo1 (2)


Before you consider applying and get ready for CBAP, check on the off chance that you qualify. Qualification prerequisites are:

Secondary School or advanced education

21 hours of preparing (proficient advancement) in Business Analysis field

7500 hours of BA experience over most recent 10 years, spread more than six information ranges as characterized in BABOK, rendition 2.0

Two references – One from a director and other from an inner or outer client or a CBAP affirmed individual. (A reference from Project Manager is not acknowledged)

Application Form

CBAP application shape is accessible online on IIBA site. You can finish the application more than at least one sessions. Application gets spared amid each session. Application shape has these areas:

Your Contact Information


Work Experience

This is the most repetitive and convoluted some portion of the application. You need to give points of interest on a venture premise. On the off chance that you chipped away at more than one anticipate amid a year, it can be consolidated.

You have to give extend name, portrayal, term, organization subtle elements, contact points of interest.

At that point, you have to give add up to hours spent on the venture and number of Non BA hours.

Keep going part on experience is a rundown of BA exercises performed and rate hours spent in that segment. In view of the rate, IIBA will process number of hours spent in six learning ranges from BABOK. They will approve in the event that you have spent no less than 900 hours in four of the six information zones.

Exercises are predefined. You need to pick from the rundown. The rundown incorporates some Non BA exercises too (like making venture arrange, performing testing, and so on.) If you pick these exercises, those hours will be excluded.

It is essential that you take a review of six information territories and errands and strategies inside those to comprehend if your experience truly relates to BA exercises.

Six information ranges in BABOK are

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring


Necessities Management and Communication

Undertaking Analysis

Necessities Analysis

Arrangement Assessment and Validation

Proficient Development (21 hours or more)

References – Details of two references.

When you finish reference points of interest, references are sent an email. They ought to then go on-line and fill in required subtle elements as asked for by IIBA.

Charges: Application expense is $125, payable online with Mastercard (or with check/cash arrange). It is not refundable.

It takes up to 21 days to get an application affirmed. For most on-line applications, endorsement comes considerably quicker. Once your application is endorsed, you ought to do two things in parallel:

Begin exam arrangement. Best approach to get ready is to select in a prep class. You get organized comprehension, think about materials, amigos to collaborate with and test tests. It likewise keeps you persuaded.

While you are examining, you ought to likewise plan your test. It requires some investment to get a test plan close-by. Exam expense is $325 for IIBA individuals and $450 for non-individuals.

On the off chance that the application is rejected, you should sit tight for 3 months before applying once more.

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