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 Your Lovers Guide, Love Forecast & Profile"Love and Romance in 2010"
Lovers Guide, Love Forecast

A Lovers Guide Reading shows when you are most likely to fall in love, stay in love and what you need to look for in a potential lover.

Your Lovers Guide not only describes you as a lover but lets you know the best days for that important date during the forthcoming year.


Five Star Rating in the first part of the reading, highlights the most unique and pleasing attributes you possess as a lover.

Will this be the year you fall in love?  Before you make your move, see how the second part of Lovers Guide reading continues with a day by day diary showing the best times for all your romantic and social activities and how Venus, the planet of love, will affect you during the year ahead.

Save 50% with Lovers Guide as part of Lovers Compatibility Package.
Or add a second reading Intimate Lover to your Lovers Guide saving 30%
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